International Journal of Economics, Social Science, Entrepreneurship and Technology (IJESET) (E-ISSN 2809-5960) is a media publication manuscript that contains the results of the Field Research applying peer-reviewed. Manuscripts published in the IJESET includes the results of scientific research original articles scientific reviews that are new, IJESET accepts manuscripts in the field of research that covers scientific fields:

Economics: macroeconomics and microeconomics fields, Macroeconomics in particular includes development economics, monetary and fiscal policies, Islamic finance, international and regional economics, institutional economics, and tourism economics. Microeconomics includes agriculture economics, labor economics, behavioral economics, environmental economics, SMEs financing, feasibility studies, community empowerment, and coastal economics, and relevant sector Economics Science. 

Management: Human Resources Management, Organization Behaviour, Marketing, Financial Management, Strategy Management, Supply Chain Management, Management Operation/Production, syariah Mangement, Islamic Finance, Banking. and and relevant sector Management Science. 

Accounting: Accountability Issues (including transparency, performance measurement and enhancement, value for money, quality, reporting, disclosure, accounting standard, etc.), Accounting for Investment,  Accounting issues on Budgeting, Investment Management
Investment Analysis, Capital Markets and Investments, Public Investment, Public Procurement
Islamic Investment, Behavioral Investment and Finance, Investment Education, Information Technology Investment and Governance, Sustainability Investment,  Intellectual Capital, Management Accounting, Financing Accounting, Accounting Sector Public, Auditing, and relevant sector Economics Science. 

Education; The scope of this journal includes learning management, learning technology, educational sociology, educational anthropology, educational psychology, and Islamic education, and relevant sector Education Science, Language and literature education, Social science education, Sports and health education, Economics and business education, Math and natural science education, Vocational and engineering education, Visual arts, dance, music, and design education.  early childhood education through higher education, vocational education, special education, teaching and teacher education, education administration, assessment and evaluation, counseling, information and educational technology, or professional preparation for the teaching of reading, mathematics, science, and environmental education, languages, and social studies.

Social Science: Language and Linguistics,  Sosial Politics, Law,  and Sosial Humaniora, psychology, and relevant sector Social studies.

Entrepreneurship: Government policy on entrepreneurship, Small businesses in ethnic enclaves, Self-employment among immigrants and other minority groups, Indigenous self-employment, Self-employment in Arctic regions, Gender and entrepreneurship, Informal self-employment, Part-time self-employment, Religion and entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and relevant sector Entrepreneurship. 

Technology: Information System, Artificial Intelligence (AI) related to Economics, Management, Accounting, Education, Media Social, and Other Social Science Technology.